Gemini Twins
Brandt Aarons (right) and Brody Blaine (left) the Gemini Twins

Family Sign:


Family Name:

Original: Blaine

Current: Aarons

Sets of Twins:

Original & Current: Brandt Aarons and Brody Blaine

Next: Kameron and Rabecca Aarons

The Gemini Twins are the Blaine magical line equivalent to the Halliwell line's Charmed Ones. While they are not equally as powerful as the Charmed Power of Three, they are a very close second. The Gemini Twins share a bond that, when the twins work together, allows for them to vanquish demons and evils more powerful that either could handle on their own.

The Blaine Line Edit


The Blaine Family Tree (click for enlarged view)

The Blaine line had twins in it as far back as it can be traced. The line continually descends from one twin out of each set, though that is not to say the other twin didn't have children. They just do not appear in the tree located in the Blaine Book of Shadows.

The Sign of Gemini Edit

The zodiac sign for Gemini appears on the cover of the Blaine book of Shadows. The sign was believed to be good luck for the line

The Gemini pendants

up until the casting of the family curse. After this it was tended to be seen as a bad omen, but only because of the dark reminder it held. It is, however, no coincidence that the sign was also used on the protective pendants that Michael Blaine created for his twin sons, Brandt and Brody.

The Blaine Curse Edit

In the 1700's a pair of twins were born named Matthias and Serafina. Their father, Reginald Blaine, had died when they were young and they had been raised by their mortal mother, with their powers bound so they could not do any magic. However, when their uncle, Martin Blaine, died their powers were again unbound. During the period in which they could be swayed a warlock turned Matthias to evil. He was vanquished by his sister, but not before he cast a curse on her. The curse from then on killed one twin in every set born, thus making the power of the Gemini Twins extinct and the Blaine line fell out of infamy. However, very early on it was learned that there was hope, and one day the curse would be broken. Jonathan, Serafina's son, had the power of premonitions and wrote in the Blaine Book of Shadows about a vision he had of a set of twins that would survive and break the curse.

The curse was broken in 2029 by Brandt Aarons and Brody Blaine, the original Gemini Twins. The curse, created when one twin killed another, could only be broken by one twin dying for the other. Brody's death by saving Brandt broke the curse. Brody was allowed by Minerva to return as a whitelighter, as he had committed the ultimate sacrafice by saving both Brandt's and Helaena's lives when he died, so that he and Brandt could continue with their destiny.

Gemini Twins in Blessing Edit

Thus far two sets of Gemini Twins have appeared in Blessing.