Box of Seven Sins
Box of Seven Sins
Crystal box of sin balls (as depicted in the Halliwell Book of Shadows)

Item Use:

The sin balls are used to infect people with one of the seven deadly sins.

Item Alignment:



Seraph Carraway

The Halliwell Book of Shadows says this about the Box of Seven Sins: "Demonic Infectors keep Crystal Boxes that contain balls of each of the Seven Deadly Sins, bottled at The Source and by The Source. These Demons, who were once human and consumed by Sin in Life, use Sin balls to corrupt paragons of Good. Infectors target a victim's predisposition to Sin and magnify it with a Sin ball, leading to the victim's Self-destruction within hours. The Sin balls can only be disempowered by destroying the Infector."

Item History Edit

Deadly Sins Description

The page in the Halliwell Book of Shadows about the Seven Deadly Sins

At the time Blessing takes place in, there appears to be only one box of sin balls left. They were stolen from the Demonic Infector they belonged to by Seraph Carraway's parents, and as they still work it can be assumed the Infector is still alive and possibly hunting for Seraph and the sin balls. It is apparent, from Prue's use of the sin balls when the Halliwell's ran into an Infector, that Seraph would be able to use the balls in her possession, however she has not done so yet.

Identifying the Sins Edit

Pride Edit

An excessive belief in ones self. This sin ball is violet in color.
Identifying The Sins Top

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Envy Edit

A desire for what others have. This sin ball is green in color.

Gluttony Edit

The desire to overly indulge. This sin ball is orange in color.
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Lust Edit

A craving for pleasures of the body. This sin ball is pink in color.

Anger Edit

Uncontrollable fury. This sin ball is red in color.

Greed Edit

A craving for material wealth or gain. This sin ball is gold in color.

Sloth Edit

The avoidance of work. This sin ball is light blue in color.