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Featured Character

Amanda Halliwell


is our first featured character. As far as track record goes, she's been awarded as a female character of the month and have been given praises from other members. Out of character, the member has played her effectively and has been able to roleplay the character as if it was really being portrayed by Mandy Moore. In character, Mandy Halliwell has never failed to give us depth with regards to character, twists in relation to her story and as well as others and forged strong ties with other characters. is truly an assett in making our site successful and lively.

Featured Video

Blessing Opening Credits

BLESSING opening Credit

BLESSING opening Credit

This video is made by our very own Dutasaintgreen and all rights reserve to him. The opening credits sets up the tone for the whole show as it provides more visualization to the members. To everyone else, please take the time to watch the clip as it is truly a masterpiece. You never might find yourself going to our website and joining us because of the interest. Then you'll find out what an awesome community Blessing is.

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